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The Fortune 5

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


A team that came together serendipitously to create an amazing service!


Prototype at its finest Image icon 20150301_132625.jpg Business model
Journey Map higher fidelity Image icon Journey-Map_V3.png Customer journey
Pitch Presentation File D3.docx Pitch presentation
Exercise Script PDF icon tmp_8801-1451892635.pdf Documentation of prototype
Customer Journey Map Image icon 20150301_092930.jpg Customer journey
Persona Image icon 20150228_220538.jpg Persona
Pic of prototype Image icon 20150228_220441.jpg Documentation of prototype
More pics of insights Image icon 20150228_164437.jpg Insights
Shake it off by Tay Swift File 20150228_163157.mp4 Other
The team discussing insights Image icon 20150228_150629.jpg Insights
Patterns for Ideation Image icon 20150228_150453.jpg Other
Research Questions Image icon 20150227_221200.jpg Research data
Research Plan Focus Image icon 20150227_221144.jpg Other
Team Fortune 5 Image icon IMG_0770.jpg Other
Jammed at DC Service Jam.

Team members