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get off your phone talk to your neighbor


Two scenarios were identified as situations worth addressing.
1. tertiary school cafeterias(University of Botswana) and
2. Declining physical social interaction due to social media.

There is need to improve the food service experience such that the environment is conducive for physical social interaction.

The cafeterias offer food and entertainment in the form of music videos and live shows such as soccer games and reality TV.

Students that frequent the cafeteria are disgruntled by the poor customer service and the low levels of hygiene as tables are left dirtied with food and empty packets.

The food menu restricted. The service always lacks that million dollar smile because the cafeteria is under staffed.

The research carried out involved the use of interviews and focus groups. the general outcome revealed potential solutions as well as an opportunity for partnership between the university of Botswana and the cafeterias to beef up their staff with the introduction of studentships.
basically students will be actively involved in waiting tables and maintenance as per their field of study. this in turn will reflect as extra credit on their recommendations and resume's


First impressions are a make or brake factor. Image icon WP_20150301_14_56_20_Pro[1].jpg Documentation of prototype
Enhancing the social (physical) Interaction at the University of Botswana Cafeteria Image icon WP_20150228_14_16_07_Pro[1].jpg Documentation of prototype
Feed back from interviews Image icon WP_20150301_14_39_46_Pro.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Not functioning and outdated Image icon WP_20150228_022.jpg Research data
Queing up for food Image icon WP_20150228_14_11_55_Pro.jpg Research data
People watching a soccer game in the refectory Image icon WP_20150228_006.jpg Research data
The system has the potential to be self sustaining. Image icon WP_20150301_13_57_45_Pro.jpg Budget
Let the students wait tables, that way they can apply what they learn in the class room. Image icon WP_20150301_13_46_40_Pro.jpg Business model
Empower the students Image icon WP_20150301_13_46_40_Pro.jpg Business model
reinventing the refec experience. lets raise the standard, why dont you. Image icon WP_20150301_12_41_25_Pro.jpg Stakeholder map
tools out. lets build something Image icon WP_20150228_13_56_39_Pro.jpg Other
smart phones not so smart people.. phones away Image icon WP_20150228_13_30_11_Pro.jpg Other
Identifying major topics and narrowing down to situations of common interest Image icon WP_20150228_12_54_06_Pro.jpg Insights
Elvis visits the cafeteria, He's not impressed Image icon WP_20150228_13_49_38_Pro.jpg Customer journey
tiyapo the socialite Image icon WP_20150228_17_21_02_Pro.jpg Persona
Elvis the introvert Image icon WP_20150228_17_20_44_Pro.jpg Persona