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Blue Train Gone Green

Add colour to your experience!


Transforming the experience of local passenger train users.


advert for the service Audio icon Convenience E-Services_mixdown3.mp3 Other
description of user journey and budget Image icon IMG_1771.JPG, Image icon IMG_1772.JPG, Image icon IMG_1778.JPG, Image icon IMG_1774.JPG, Image icon IMG_1783.JPG Customer journey
testing prototype File 20150301_121251.mp4, File 20150301_121239.mp4, File 20150301_121158.mp4, File 20150301_121123.mp4, Image icon IMG_1768.JPG, Image icon IMG_1767.JPG Documentation of prototype
testing prototype Image icon IMG_1769.JPG, Image icon IMG_1767.JPG, File 20150301_120853.mp4 Documentation of prototype
developing prototype Image icon IMG_1752.JPG, Image icon IMG_1753.JPG, Image icon IMG_1754.JPG, Image icon IMG_1756.JPG Documentation of prototype
Creating a User Interaction for our booking application! Image icon IMG_1708.JPG, Image icon IMG_1749.JPG, Image icon IMG_1751.JPG, Image icon IMG_1743.JPG, Image icon IMG_1739.JPG, Image icon IMG_1741.JPG Other
advantages and disadvantages of the previous public train service Image icon IMG_1716.JPG, Image icon IMG_1716.JPG Research data
Brainstorming on board Image icon IMG_1751.JPG, Image icon IMG_1718.JPG Pitch presentation
working on ideas Image icon IMG_1745.JPG Documentation of prototype