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Walk it Run it Ride it


Easier transport system in the city. Move swiftly from point A to B


Testing the products and getting the feedback from the users Image icon IMG-20150301-WA0000(1).jpg, Image icon IMG-20150301-WA0002.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Customer paying system and transport File 20150301_141244.mp4 Pitch presentation
Customer journey Image icon 20150301_114428.jpg, Image icon 20150301_120055.jpg, Image icon 20150301_114428.jpg Customer journey
How we got to the prototypying..the research data Image icon 20150301_135953.jpg, Image icon 20150301_140008.jpg, Image icon 20150301_140057.jpg, Image icon 20150301_140102.jpg, Image icon 20150301_140251.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
we are getting there...Run it Walk it Ride it Image icon 20150228_175802.jpg, Image icon 20150228_175727.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototype Image icon 20150228_174807.jpg, Image icon 20150228_174748.jpg, Image icon 20150228_174731.jpg Documentation of prototype