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The City Sanctuary Experience

How might we create a tranquil space in a crowded urban environment


Our main target audience are city workers, students and tourists. This is an inclusive space which is open to everyone. We intend to use the 5 E's of experience - entice, enter, engage, exit, extend to create the concept. The Sanctuary Garden will be CBD-based & contained, & all season setting with partial covered spaces. It will have green walls & hanging gardens to invite the audience to co-exist with nature. It will be a multiple sensory experience with a sense of enclosure that invokes peace in a busy urban environment, free from distractions, noise, pollution. There will be trees, teahouse, waterfalls/water features, zen chimes, koi fishponds, leaving the visitors feeling relaxed, restored, rejuvenated and ready to jump back into their busy lives.


City Sanctuary Garden Prototype Walkthrough PDF icon CitySanctuaryAKLSDJ2015.pdf Documentation of prototype
Logo Image icon City Sanctuary Garden.png Documentation of prototype

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