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Been Jamin'

Design & problem solving workshops that bring together educators and parents


There is currently a disconnect between what parents want for their children and what teachers can provide. We know that primary school children are lacking engagement in their current education. We have created a consulting service/workshop that brings together industry experts, educators and parents to discuss the problems they face with primary school education, and provide them with the tools and infrastructure to build new educational projects that will empower and re-engage the children.


customer journey Image icon 20150301_145158.jpg Customer journey
persona 1 Image icon 20150301_145048.jpg Persona
1st version of prototype Image icon 20150301_145002.jpg Documentation of prototype
1st night insights Image icon 20150301_144850.jpg Insights
prototype for video 2 Image icon 20150301_112951.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototype for video Image icon 20150301_112945.jpg Documentation of prototype

Team members