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Decision Line

Facilitating Decision Making and Feeling Good about them


Reducing and Simplifying the Paradox and Tyranny of choice in our lives

Downloads Image icon 1743590_10151888904511965_1866715751_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Final Prototype Image icon 20150301_100348.jpg, Image icon 20150301_100412.jpg, Image icon 20150301_133424.jpg, Image icon 20150301_133703.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interviewing in the Viaduct. Image icon photo1.jpg Research data
Us testing our prototype Image icon photo 1.JPG, Image icon photo 2.JPG Documentation of prototype
Us building our prototype Image icon 20150228_162904.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162913.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162938.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162940.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162956.jpg Documentation of prototype
Us building our prototype Image icon 20150228_161325.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162728.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162853.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162901.jpg Documentation of prototype
The Problem we are trying to solve Image icon 20150227_210647.jpg Research data
Us building our prototype Image icon 20150228_161321.jpg Documentation of prototype
Team Contract Image icon IMG_1235.JPG Other