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Era uma vez... Once upon a time...

Creating stories and friends


We want to bring people of different ages closer by creating, sharing and telling stories!
The process of storytelling and creating is a very fun way to make friends and engage people we didn't know before, and reinforcing old friendships.
Our project involves coordinating schools with retirement homes, so that both kids and the elderly can bond, promoting a better understanding of each other and raising more compassionate human beings.
We built some support tools for these gatherings - a "spinnable" wheel to give them a starting idea, and a large paper roll to draw or write on.

The kids suggest the words for the wheel at school, and then go with it to the retirement home, where the wide paper roll has been installed.
Together with the elderly, they start creating a story by spinning the wheel, and going from the theme it lands on.
They draw the story as it's being told, and can use the wheel again if they are stuck for ideas.
When the story ends, and/or they run out of paper, the paper is cut out and used to decorate the retirement home wall, or kept to be continued on the next visit!


We made all our "stuff" for the project! :)


Explaining how the project works, complete with some drawings from our adorable helpers. Image icon 20150228_180511.jpg Pitch presentation
A possible journeys, as told by the kids. Image icon 20150228_174219.jpg, Image icon 20150228_174232.jpg, Image icon 20150228_174244.jpg Customer journey
Testing the prototype with children, and one of the results. Image icon 20150228_162101.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162353.jpg, Image icon 20150228_162537.jpg, Image icon 20150228_171851.jpg Research data
The starting point of the personas the children helped us create, and our translations (in the second image) Image icon 20150228_121627.jpg, Image icon 20150228_175433.jpg Persona
The wheel and tools needed to make our projects work. Children helped suggest the themes on the wheel. Image icon 20150228_175648.jpg Documentation of prototype