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4 you

be different by sharing


"4you" it's a social service that have the goal to make people donate part of their time to other people who need it.
This time donated will help, create and share together a better community.
This platform provides the help and knowledge for the ones who need it.

eg. if you have 2h to kill each week, why do you not spend it helping people who need it? so you register on the application and in your feed show news of people asking for help, and it's your choice to donate your time and you have the ability to choose in witch category you prefer.


implementation Image icon implememntation.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
storyboard Image icon storyboard.jpg, Image icon storyboard1.jpg, Image icon storyboard3.jpg, Image icon storyboard4.jpg Customer journey
prototype Image icon logo.jpg, Image icon product.jpg, Image icon prototypingaplicsaton.jpg, Image icon prototyping.jpg, Image icon prototyping2.jpg, Image icon prototyping4.jpg, Image icon prototyping5.jpg, Image icon prototyping6.jpg, Image icon prototyping24.jpg, Image icon prototyping65.jpg Documentation of prototype
personas Image icon perdsonas.jpg Persona
here is us apresentation our service for others jammers Image icon 11026743_452612421559068_1062836043_n.jpg, Image icon 10904163_452612504892393_1683595879_n.jpg Pitch presentation