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How to incentive kids to look for Nature


During our time working with kids, we noticed that they spend too much time on the computer, or playing eletronic games, and they spend little time having fun and playing outside. Another thing that we noticed is that, when we asked them about this subject, they refer that they would like to spend more time on the outside.

Furthermore, we wanted to have as inspiration names the followings: learning and sharing.
We decided to grab (literally) the jam challenge and put it outside on the world. The objective of our service was grabing the object's game and create something around it. Also, from the brainstorm we had from the kids, we came up with a concrete idea (or concept) for our work: we would make a treasure hunt.

Our concept is the jam challenge object and a map from one of our touristic gardens.
The objective is to, first, play the original object's game and, after we see the (for our game) challenge, find the challenge and report it to the object's holder. The person who wins three challenges is the winner of the game!

This is something that not only can be used, shared and can help children to learn about nature, here in MAdeira, but it can also be expanded to the entire world! This because our main idea is having kids learning about nature, but it can always be applied for going to the zoo, or getting arround in the city, it doesn't matter.

About the Olhoito:
We can find Olhoito in the touristic websites and download it (you will download a PDF consisted in two parts PDF, one with the map needed for the game to help you find your challenges, and the other with the origami game and instructions in how to DIY). But we can also find it in the touristic info places.

The place we want to start doing this project is Jardim Botânico, other city gardens and the city (since the city itself is touristic).

The moment you grab the map and the game, you will start to be the treasure's hunter.

For how to make this map aand the origami game, we are planning to make a contest for illustration maps and games in university, with prizes for the winner.

Our sponsors will be the cultural department, Jardim Botânico and the City Hall.

This work can be sustainable because the material used will be ecological paper (reused).

The game has 6 rules:
1st - The object's holder ask for a number to the competitors (it has to be a number between 1 and 8).
2nd - The object's holder has to move his hands that amount of numbers pronounced.
3rd - The competitor has to choose a number from the game and identify the challenge behind the number.
4th - SEARCH!
5th - You have 5 minutes to find the challenge (you have to find different objects realted to the challenge faster than your opponents).
6th - The competitor who wins the fisrt three challenges wins the game!

And at the end...


A really SPECIAL thank you for our collaborator Valentina, since, at the end of the jam it was only two of us on the group, and she helped us so much, like she was participating in the group. For you, there's a BIG hug and a BIG kiss waiting for you!


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