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Already New

Just like back home or completely new


Already New is a service to connect with businesses in cities you travel to with a local and similar offering. Consider your Saturday night in a different city while doing the same thing you do every weekend. Games, dancing, movies? Yes, we got you covered. AND, we can show you the opposite of what you always do on the flip-side of life!


Team Presentation Pitch Video File AlreadyNew_Pitch_v2.mp4 Pitch presentation
Storyboard walkthrough 2 Movie icon IMG_4907.MOV Customer journey
Storyboard walkthrough 1 Movie icon IMG_4906.MOV Customer journey
Storyboards of two potential customer journeys based on Archetypes Movie icon IMG_5432.MOV, Movie icon IMG_5433.MOV Customer journey
Summary of research data from interviews, synthesis of data and insights into Rose, Thorn, Bud via Affinity Clustering, Experience Diagramming of potential user scenarios Image icon IMG_5425.jpg, Image icon IMG_5426.jpg, Image icon IMG_5427.jpg, Image icon IMG_5428.jpg, Image icon IMG_5429.jpg, Image icon IMG_5430.jpg, Image icon IMG_5431.jpg Research data
Concept improv pics Image icon photo 1.JPG, Image icon photo 2.JPG, Image icon photo 3.JPG, Image icon photo 4.JPG, Image icon photo 5.JPG Other