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Get a closer look at the cities you visit, meet peers, enjoy your downtime


Magnify provides a safe way for busy, single female travelers to explore the city and meet people safely while on solo business travel. Magnify offers a unique, personalized, curated experience allowing visitors worry-free exploration. We will pair you up with a local guide who speaks your language to accompany you on your adventure.

Whether your interests are enjoying local food specialties, taking in a performance at the ballet, or finding a special yoga class that fits your expertise level, Magnify will help you build an itinerary that is the perfect fit for you.


Overview video of the Magnify experience File Magnefi.mp4 Implementation plan or roadmap
Who is Francine? Image icon image.jpg Persona
Storyboard to help identify the value and synthesize the experience Image icon storyboard.jpg Business model
Francine Wong wants a safe experience while she travels for work that she can manage herself while connecting with likeminded people. Image icon Francine Persona.jpg Persona
Brad loves Pittsburgh and loves his job championing his city Image icon DSCF2057.JPG Research data
Digital Touchpoint to select Safe / Mediated Adventure Image icon experience choice.png, Image icon confirmation.png, Image icon payment.png, Image icon Share.png, Image icon Survey.png Documentation of prototype
Stop motion storyboarding Image icon IMG_6199.JPG Other
Sketching / Storyboarding Image icon IMG_6184.JPG Pitch presentation
Building Prototypes - Car Image icon IMG_6175.JPG Documentation of prototype
Critique / Getting Feedback Image icon IMG_6160.JPG Other
Building prototypes Image icon IMG_6145.JPG Documentation of prototype
Preparing research plan for the field Image icon IMG_6125.JPG Research data
Mindmapping Image icon IMG_6112.JPG Other
gathering images and talking through how it works Image icon photo 3-1.JPG Research data
first pass to put our ideas on the map Image icon photo 2-1.JPG Service blueprint
reviewing our research data saturday am Image icon photo 1-1.JPG Research data
inspiration Image icon duck.JPG Other
quick creative brief (left) and designer on task to level up our brand Image icon photo 3.JPG Other
paper prototype of interactive table, we're role playing the concierge and the traveller as we prototype Image icon photo 1.JPG Documentation of prototype