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Information booth for tourists in Tel Aviv, answers all the needs and expectations for tourists.


Information booth for tourists in Tel Aviv, that you can apply on old phone booths that are scattered in the urban space and are not in use anymore.
The booth response to the needs of tourists that we identified by research in the field and from interviews with many tourists.
Outside you can find the time and current weather, with notifications about attractions and updates that are relevant to the booth location.
Inside, you have place to set down personal belongings and enjoy a pleasant and shaded atmosphere, when using a large touch screen that provides information on restaurants and bars, public transportation, local history and details for emergency.
Addition system can match you with walking routes based on criteria and interests selected. You can also get a surprise coupon to one of the local businesses in one of your interests.
Of course there is a response to basic needs of every tourist as a charging cell phone spot and wifi.


stakeholders map (in Hebrew) Image icon IMG_4488.JPG Stakeholder map
TLVisit- Information booth for tourists in Tel Aviv prototyping Image icon 20150227_192749.jpg, Image icon IMG_4582.JPG, Image icon IMG_4577.JPG, Image icon IMG_4599.JPG, Image icon IMG_4610.JPG, Image icon IMG_4605.JPG, Image icon IMG_4593.JPG Documentation of prototype