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Neighbour Favours

The first step to bringing small village helping to inner city living


The first step to bringing small village helping to inner city living. A platform for neighbours in flat blocks to exchange small favours, eg. collecting parcels, watering plants, borrowing tools, offering skills. Facilitating in-person interaction and building happier communities.


Final pitch presentation - Neighbour Favours File Neighbour Favours - Pitch.mp4 Pitch presentation
How Neighbour Favours screen in communal area works. File GSJ2015-Neighbour Favors-screen prototype.mp4 Documentation of prototype
How Neighbour Favours website works. File GSJ2015-Neighbour Favors-website prototype.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Business model canvas Image icon IMG_0530.JPG Business model
Final presentation PDF icon GSJam_Presso.pdf Pitch presentation
Flowchart of use Image icon IMG_0503.JPG Service blueprint
Testing iPad prototype of website Image icon IMG_0526.JPG Documentation of prototype
Personas Image icon IMG_0510.jpg, Image icon IMG_0509.jpg Persona
Service blueprint of Neighbour Favours Image icon IMG_0522.JPG Service blueprint
Street interviews Image icon IMG_4879.JPG Insights
Prototyping Image icon IMG_5062.JPG, Image icon IMG_5063.JPG, Image icon IMG_5065.JPG Other
Ideation - Crazy 8 Image icon IMG_5057.JPG, Image icon IMG_5059.JPG, Image icon IMG_5064.jpg Other
Service definition Image icon IMG_5050.JPG, Image icon IMG_5051.JPG, Image icon IMG_5055.JPG Other
Problem definition Image icon IMG_5043.JPG, Image icon IMG_5041.JPG, Image icon IMG_5044.jpg, Image icon IMG_5046.jpg, Image icon IMG_5047.jpg, Image icon IMG_5038.JPG Other
Neighbour Favours - 1st prototype File GSJ2015-Neighbour Favors-1st prototype.mp4 Documentation of prototype