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Playful Descision

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What if making choices was playful? After watching how people make descissions in different places (hairdresser, tourist office, restaurant we dcide to help tourist make descision what to see in the city. We try to give people chance to see city in a different way ( through the eyes, experience of famous people from that city). You can now see and visit places where this person spent time, was living, party, worked. Tourist can make desicion depends on: how long he/she is staying in the city, what are her/his interested (film, music, dance...) When he/she have chosen time, interests and person who she/he want to be s/he recived application on mobile phone or printed version of the map with places where the famous person was being. At the end he/she is watching movie in 3D to move to the time when the famous perosn was living. Now he/she is ready to discover city in a different way, learn more about famous person, her/his life and explore city in creative way! In some places will wait for them some books, materials which help them to feel time, and famous person life....


How it works? File jam.mp4 Documentation of prototype
pics of prototypes Image icon IMG_0058.JPG, Image icon IMG_0077.JPG, Image icon IMG_0080.JPG, Image icon IMG_0087.JPG Documentation of prototype
Video about playful decision File Design Jam_.mp4 Customer journey