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VUS (Ventanilla Única de Salud)

Servicio para beneficio de hospitales públicos...


The point of this project is to make a efficient service for public hospitals. We have discovered that the critical point in a public hospital is the lack of information to the patient. So the plan for this "window" is to give to the user the time that they must wait to be attended. Because if you gave them this information at first, they can decide to wait until they get attended or if they want to come at another time. The reason of this is to make more efficient the critical time when the hospital capacity it´s at it highest point. To determine the condition of the patient we propose to use simple symbols such as: circle (can wait a little), square (must be attended in the next few minute) and triangle (must be attended right away). The reason behind the symbols is to make the reception time more efficient to the user.


In the PDF we are uploading goes the following: Explanation of the prototype, actual process and the new service. PDF icon VUS - Tay y Lala.pdf Documentation of prototype

Team members