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City care ads

Smart and care city ads


The problem:

Huge volume of annoying ads. People have the immunity to advertising material.
It has no value to an average citizen.

What is the reason?

People say: "It's not for me..." Mostly it became non personal. It's far from understanding people preferences.

Saying other words: It s*ucks...)))

Is there any solution?

Can we create useful ads? Careful ads?
That makes life easier. More efficient. More intuitive, interactive and responsive.
Ads that re-imagines our relation to it.

We call it "CITY CARE ADS" - the service that socialize the way you interact with advertising. The innovative solution that combines:

- social significance

- personalization (interaction with personal preferences built on latest news, dynamically changing rythm of the city)

- localization (advert that takes into account your local position and shows only relevant content material)

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