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Crypto Teller present Crypto Flower

Paper Fortune Teller Treasure Hunt


Use our template fortune teller sheet to build your own random treasure hunt for your city. You could also scale it down to your garden, favourite park, or other location, as well as tailor it for a specific event. We provide the template, and you provide the inspiration.


Happy startup canvas of the business model for cryptoflower PDF icon cryptoflower_business_model.pdf Business model
Aberdeen Cryptoflower grid PDF icon aberdeen_cryptoflower.pdf Documentation of prototype
Secret Theme with folding instructions PDF icon Secret Theme GSJam 2015.pdf Other
Cryptoflower game and blank matrix PDF icon Cryptoflower.pdf Documentation of prototype
Glasgow sample grid PDF icon glasgow_cryptoflower.pdf Documentation of prototype
Edinburgh sample grid PDF icon ediburgh_cryptoflower.pdf Documentation of prototype
Sample grid for Dundee PDF icon dundee_cryptoflower.pdf Documentation of prototype