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Citizens for their cities


APPollonio is a co-creation platform for urban regeneration.
Through APPollonio citizens can:
1. Identify areas that need redevelopment in their city by sumbitting a geolocalized picture + proposals
2. Bring the identified area to the attention of the municipality and of the citizens' community
3. Get the community engaged in voting and proposing solutions
4. Participate actively in the redevelopment of the area becoming urban heroes
5. Enjoy a better city

Citizens, community, municipality, commercial partners (shops, etc.)


Massimo Cicorella, Cristiano Giuggioli, Antonella Morelli, Marco Montanari, Clizia Welker, Fiamma, Carlo, Sabina


Video of the project File appollonio.mp4 Pitch presentation
demo Image icon 1425223759272-984235106.jpg Documentation of prototype
one of our users Image icon 1425223682683-2075654709.jpg Persona