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Spot Swap

Your City, Your Design


Spot Swap is a platform and app that gives citizens the opportunity to map and vote on the new uses for vacants in their community.

Spot Swap will allow citizens to map empty/abandoned buildings across the city and vote on news business or services that could fill that space. Vacants that have received a large number of votes for a similar use will be promoted creating clear opportunities for investors, business, and communities.

Spot Swap will be able to crowd source community perspectives making it easier for them to share their opinions on the redesign of the city. In addition, this project will allow us to gauge whether or not current and future plans for the city are aligned with what the community feels is needed. Finally, this platform would allow communities to engage with chambers of commerce and others in the private sector to demonstrate the business demands by neighborhood


Sergio Mojica
Humberto Lee
Haydee Izaguirre
Vassoula Vasiliou


Work Flow Image icon IMG_2070.JPG Documentation of prototype
Third Screen Image icon IMG_2075.JPG Documentation of prototype
second screen Image icon IMG_2074.JPG Documentation of prototype
Homepage Image icon IMG_2077.JPG Documentation of prototype
Jammed at Miami Service Jam .

Team members