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Go Play

Reconnect to random acts of play


Go Play Outside the Digital Box
Rediscover the Power of Play
Release Your Expectations
Reconnect with Wonder


Rick McCawley
Amy Baez
Arlyn Hernandez
Vassoula Vasiliou


Go Play! App mockup Image icon GoPlayFinal.jpg Documentation of prototype
Pick a category and your mission will be revealed. Players picked papers out of the cup. Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg Documentation of prototype
Go Play! App mockup Image icon GoPlayApp.jpg Documentation of prototype
Go Play! Animation for icon rewards Movie icon IMG_4925.MOV Pitch presentation
Rewards animation in game play File GoPlay.mp4 Implementation plan or roadmap
Go Play! action-Make an image out of your food Image icon FoodFace.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Jammed at Miami Service Jam .

Team members