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Move To Smell

Serendipites In The City


We want to add a new function to already existing and working spaces in the city centres.

After exhausting observations of city life and interviews with people, we discover that on the city squares coexist two category of people: 1. active people, fast moving to their destination (home, work, meeting) 2. people wandering around the squares, stroling with kids or dogs, these people usualy move slow and are often bored. To the second category we also include people wainting at the train/bus stops. We observed that all of our users do not see in other people - they rarely look eachother in the eye, hardly ever smile or talk to the stangers.

The city's squares are made from concrete tiles, everything is dull and gray. People are bored, the square is just another part of their daily routine, they follow the same paths on which nothing happens. They waste their energy & the waste space.

We also notice that one big problem in citys is that people are not open to each other regardless of the fact that in the same space every day plenty of people meet themselves. This is a common problem in big cities.

We decided to change this boring and monotonous routine into nice experience. To accomplish this we decided to use the sense of smell - it's rarely used channel of communication, it is not overload with signals (in the city centres we already have many visual and audio signals). Moreover smell can be a nice and gentle way to positively change people's behavior.

Wa also want to encourage people to more spontanious reactions and to perform small interactions like smile or a "hello".

Our idea is to place in the square small fregrant's dozers which are activated by the move - the more people walk the more intense the smell is. We also want to add some extra smell points, which will be located in more rare used zones of the square. In these points we want to install more rare and exotic smells and give pepople chance to discover other smells. Near the enters to the square and on the tram/bus stops we want to place informations with location plan of points with fregrance and an invitation to play with them.

This idea can be implementen not only on the squares but as well in the other parts of the city. It can be used in any city of the world. The fragrance points can be activated by diverse actions (like stepping on special tiles, team cooperation etc.). This can also be change into a game with the goal to collect different fragrance points.


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