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Make worthless things worth


We were considering on the way of making worthless things worth.
During brainstorming we were discusing recycling, changing personal things and souvenirs,
also making new things from the old ones.

The problem lies in other matters. We don't care about small communication barriers, like high curb.
But for person with disabilities it is a huge problem.
You can't see barriers until you seat on wheelchair.
The reasons of barriers are designers' mistakes, low quality of public services, no testing objects with end users, mindlessness,
invalid information system, down at the heel infrastructure.

We decided to create brand new service dedicated to people with disabilities - Click&roll,
which makes rolling easier in public places and helps them integrate with people without disabilities.
In addition it changes unproductive time (waiting, boring) into useful.

We create prototype of application for smartphones and devices with touch panels:
-Click&roll shows friendly city routes and makes easier getting to the destination
-Click&roll helps calling for help (SOS)
-Click&roll is a communcation platform between people with and without disabilities

It is a dedicated mobile application for smartphones' users, system of city devices with touch panel and printed leaflets with friendly public places.