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RAIZAL Countryside Restaurant

Living our colombian tradition


RAIZAL is a Countryside restaurant, here you and your Camilo could recreate a cultural experiencie from the diferente regiones of Colombia. This experiencie starts harvesting tipical ingredients for the culinary preparación to continue with the preparation of those products with an experienced chef. All is enliven with traditional dancings and local cultural expressions.
This is a place where parents can teach to their children traditional customs from their homenaje through a culinary experience.
Each Month we offer a diferent experience from a different region of the country. This month we started with Boyacá.


in the restaurant Image icon IMG_20150301_162200784.jpg Documentation of prototype
our food Image icon IMG_20150301_162335480.jpg Documentation of prototype
our raizal Image icon IMG_20150301_162235651.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototyping time!!!! Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Vegetable Garden Image icon IMG_20150301_153542705.jpg Documentation of prototype