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Wonder what!

You want? ... She wants? Let it be a surprise!


There comes a time in life were you want to have the perfect date with that special someone but maybe you don't feel in a creative and inspiring mood to surprise him or her. If you are having a hard time deciding what to do and were to go? We are ready to surprise you.

Go ahead and download our fabulous love app "Wonder What!"
You simply need to add your contact information, your shared interests and wishes and we will organize the perfect event for you and your couple. You can choose between the different kind of events that we offer according to your personal budget, time and schedule.

Surprising your date was never that easy!


Wonder what! Image icon 11046929_610896399054405_1411284346_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
limousine <3 Image icon 11014729_610896969054348_719946009_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Group work Image icon 11040259_610896775721034_364726647_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Construction Image icon 11015318_610896929054352_1325303031_n.jpg Documentation of prototype