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individual furniture, create -show-exchange, configuration&re-configuration


MoMo is about providing an online service where customers can create, combine and/or modify individual furniture.

The main advantage for customers is that this plattform is an independent service that offers the following options
1.) individual configurations of new furniture
2.) get individual designs for existing furniture
3.) combining and re-arranging existing furniture

The main service that is also described in the video is an online configuration tool. Customers can choose from a variety of standard models and make them unique by chossing individual colours, patterns or pictures.

A lot of people, may find it useful to share drafts within the plattform community, or on other social plattforms to get feedback. This is one of the aspects that make MoMo unique.

All operating activities (manufacturing and logistics) is outsourced to partners. This can be large industrial manufacturers or small self employed carpenters.


video prototype describing the whole customer journey File MoMo.mp4 Documentation of prototype