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Bring it back


Reuseable handy container which also filters water as an ENTRANCE TICKET to national parks.
Buy it at the national park gates and get a refund at the exit in return for trash you did not leave in the park.
Vending machine educates users about ecology and trash influence on environment. It displays messages from trash-like avatars (happy can says "Bring me "back! "Do not leave me alone!").


Returning and collecting refund videxplain part 4 File 2015_03_01_14_40_029.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Re-Fillutek as a trashbag videxplain part 3 File 2015_03_01_14_37_019.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Filtering water with Re-Fillutek videxplain part 2 File 2015_03_01_14_33_004.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Buying Re-Fillutek videxplain part 1 File 2015_03_01_14_30_045.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Manual to the service Image icon 20150301_135348.jpg Service blueprint
Re-Fillutek Bag Image icon 20150301_142121.jpg Documentation of prototype
Re-Fillutek bag Image icon 20150301_135355.jpg Documentation of prototype
Vending machine Image icon 20150301_135341.jpg Documentation of prototype
Litter gathered in the national park, mountains. Image icon DSC02296.jpg Research data