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Cafe Haven



We are trying to find a solution to help elderly people to use e-services: creating a nice, comfortable place to spend time, forget loneliness, make new friends and get help using e-services.

Result: Cafe Haven


THE TEAM Image icon IMG_1975.JPG Insights
The idea journey Image icon IMG_1968.JPG Insights
Anikki, 80 years old Image icon IMG_1967.JPG Persona
Our persona, Annikki discovers Cafe Haven File Cafe Haven.mp4 Customer journey
Empathy Map Image icon WP_20150228_011.jpg Business model
work in progress Image icon WP_20150227_004.jpg Insights
our team Image icon IMG_1947.JPG Insights
there was help :) Image icon IMG_1953.JPG Other
first thoughts of the problems Image icon IMG_1928.JPG Research data