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Transferring skills from seniors to schoolchildren - and back


Regural theme days at school where skills & perspectives are transferred
from seniors to school children - and back. Anything from art to zoology,
cooking, carpentry, story telling, dancing, singing, knitting, drawing gardening, fishing, old customs, manners. Turning life experience into learning experiences. Grandsfer!


Grandsfer Final Movie File GSJ2015HKI - GRANDSFER.wmv Pitch presentation
Website sketch Image icon 20150301_101041.jpg Documentation of prototype
Channels to reach the event Image icon 20150301_100028.jpg Documentation of prototype
Examples of transferring skills Image icon 20150301_100038.jpg Documentation of prototype
Grandparents day Image icon 20150301_100000.jpg Documentation of prototype
Presentation creation Image icon 20150228_181655.jpg Pitch presentation
Iteration 5, the first functional prototype Image icon 20150228_180710.jpg Documentation of prototype
Receiving incredibly good customer feedback Image icon 20150228_162353.jpg Insights
Rough draft of possible journey points Image icon 20150228_160329.jpg Customer journey
Iteration 2 Image icon 20150228_154552.jpg Documentation of prototype
Customer feedback on 1st prototype Image icon 20150228_144327.jpg Insights
1st prototype design Image icon 20150228_142135.jpg Documentation of prototype
Initial interview plan Image icon 20150227_211929.jpg Other