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Kids Business Trips

Global workplace, global family life!


Take your children with you to a family business trip. While you work your children will experience an educational and fun cultural experience exchange at the location of your business. In the evening you will enjoy convenient and no hustle quality family time enjoying the local environment.


Pitch presentation: Kids' Business Trips File Pitch presentation-2.pptx Pitch presentation
LEGO - Business trip future: Educational bonus & family time Image icon Together in Berlin.png Documentation of prototype
LEGO - Business trips now: Sadness because of not being together Image icon Sadness because uf distance.jpg Documentation of prototype
Business model canvas - photo version Image icon Business model canvas.jpg Business model
Employers: Why it's great to work for us for you & your family Image icon New way to look at business trips.jpg Business model
Value propositions for 4 main stakeholders Image icon Value propositions.jpg Business model
Stakeholders Image icon Stakeholder overview.jpg Stakeholder map
Persona: biz travelling family man Image icon Persona Biz travelling family man.jpg Persona
Persona: biz travelling single mom Image icon Persona biz travelling single mom.jpg Persona
Service concept in a nutshell - photo Image icon Concept in a nutshell.jpg Other