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All the buzz about skillsharing


Beehive is a service that connects people with skills to people with needs so that they can share, learn and repair.


Andriy, Xinyi, Begum and Lindsay.


final interface Image icon 1.jpg, Image icon 01.jpg, Image icon 2.jpg, Image icon 3.jpg, Image icon 4.jpg, Image icon 5.jpg, Image icon 6.jpg, Image icon 7.jpg, Image icon 8.jpg, Image icon 9.jpg, Image icon 10.jpg Documentation of prototype
service prototype_customer journey Image icon service concept_customer journey2.jpg Documentation of prototype
service prototype_customer journey Image icon service concept_customer journey1.jpg Documentation of prototype
more prototype! Image icon prototype5.jpg, Image icon prototype6.jpg, Image icon prototype8.jpg, Image icon prototype7.jpg, Image icon prototype9.jpg, Image icon prototype10.jpg, Image icon prototype 4.jpg Documentation of prototype
research question Image icon research question.jpg Insights
prototyping wireframe smartphone 2 Image icon prototyping_wireframe smartphone2.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototyping wireframe smartphone Image icon prototyping_wireframe smartphone.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototyping storyboard Image icon prototyping_storyboard.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototyping poster visualization 2 Image icon prototyping_poster visualization2.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototyping poster visualization Image icon prototyping_poster visualization.jpg Documentation of prototype
User test and Interviews Image icon interview1.jpg, Image icon interview2.jpg, Image icon interview3.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototyping customer journey B Image icon prototyping_customer journey B.jpg Customer journey
surface Image icon surface1.jpg, Image icon surface2.jpg, Image icon surface3.jpg, Image icon surface4.jpg, Image icon surface5.jpg, Image icon surface6.jpg, Image icon surface7.jpg, Image icon surface8.jpg, Image icon surface9.jpg, Image icon surface10.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototyping customer journey A Image icon prototyping_customer journey A.jpg Customer journey
persona Image icon persona.jpg Persona
initial ideas 1 Image icon initial ideas1.jpg Insights
initial concept idea Image icon initial concept idea.jpg Insights
Important questions: who, why, when, how? Image icon who-when-why-how.jpg Other
Team FIFT slogan Image icon Team-FIFT.jpg Other
FIFT slogan Image icon Team-Fift-slogan-peeps.jpg Other
FIFT Logo Image icon Team-FIFT-2.jpg Other
Storyboard Image icon Storyboard.jpg Documentation of prototype
prototype user flow Image icon Prototype-user-flow-mobile.jpg Documentation of prototype
sketching the user flow Image icon Prototype-user-flow-mobile-sketching.jpg Documentation of prototype
user flow mobile Image icon Prototype-user-flow-mobile-2.jpg Documentation of prototype
user alert screen Image icon Prototype-user-alert.jpg Documentation of prototype
Getting feedback on concept Image icon Prototype-testing.jpg Documentation of prototype
Testing at the train stn Image icon Prototype-testing-2.jpg Documentation of prototype
Physical journey prototype 2 Image icon Prototype-physical-journey.jpg Documentation of prototype
physical journey prototype Image icon Prototype-physical-journey-2.jpg Documentation of prototype
Physical/event space prototype Image icon Prototype-event-space.jpg Documentation of prototype
Project Goal 1 Image icon Project-goal.jpg Other
Concept Description Image icon Our-concept-defined.jpg Other
Things to do, like prototyping. Image icon Dos-and-Donts.jpg Other
Repairing jeans and fixing ipad Image icon Beehive-USer-journey.jpg Customer journey
customer journey sketch Image icon Beehive-User-journey-2.jpg Customer journey
Skills areas on homepage Image icon Beehive-skills-prototype.jpg Documentation of prototype
Concept description Image icon Beehive-description.jpg Other