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Galinha D'angola

An easy approach to share homebrews


Matching homebrewers and drinkers is a hard task, so, we purpose a simple app/website that makes it easier. It is like a homebrew club, where brewmasters can share theirs recipes or even their brews, and drinkers can pay a little cheaper and receive credits to expend when visiting those homebrews while the masterbrew earns some cash.


Ana Talavera
Gabriela Leal
Marta Noberto
Rafael Leite
Patricia Quintella
Pedro Luiz Santos


Prototype of Bebum Caseiro Plain text icon Prototype of Bebum Caseiro.txt Documentation of prototype
Prototype of Bebum Caseiro File MOV_0020.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Recolhendo dados Image icon IMG_20150228_115459093.jpg Research data