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Sapo Crew Ruru

Recreate affectionate memories


Platform to create, recreate and share memories and moments.

Do you know a moment that happened during your childhood and you would like to recreate it? Or maybe an event that was so remarkable in your life as well a super important person to you? So, this platform is a way to connect you to people who can recreate those memories and make them real. With this you can give incredibles presents to people you love and organize what you are living now.


@Pedro Verda
@Pedro Otaviano
@Polyanna Cintra
@Ruhana Onofre
@Victor Maristane


Interviews File entrevistas.docx Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype: File Link prototype.docx Documentation of prototype
Stakeholder map Image icon 20150301_103746[1].jpg Stakeholder map
Interview 1 Image icon 20150228_100020.jpg Stakeholder map
Interview 2 Image icon 20150228_100020.jpg Stakeholder map
Round 1/2 Image icon 20150228_095952.jpg, Image icon 20150228_143755.jpg, Image icon 20150228_195250.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Brainstorming Image icon 20150228_100014.jpg, Image icon 20150228_100020.jpg, Image icon 20150228_134205.jpg Insights