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Quem Quer?! (Who Wants!?)

It's an app to donate objects that you don't want anymore with other people


It's a plataform that helps people that have objects they don't want anymore to donate to someone or a institution that needs said object.


donate test File GOPR1896_1425234002163_low.MP4 Other
entity test File VID-20150301-WA0017.mp4 Other
Prototype Test 1 File Prototype_test_1.mp4 Customer journey
Prototype test - Image icon IMG_20150228_165703109.jpg Customer journey
Documenting the prototype Image icon IMG_20150228_193750117.jpg Documentation of prototype
Done! Image icon image.jpg Other
Planning Image icon image.jpg Insights
Alinghment of expectations for field research Image icon 20150228_093118.jpg Other