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How might we encourage recycling behavior?


We are working on encouraging recycling.


sharing with our twin city Image icon IMG_2810.JPG Other
recycling prototype Image icon IMG_2801.JPG Documentation of prototype
recycling prototype Image icon IMG_2798.JPG Documentation of prototype
Behaviors Image icon IMG_2766.JPG Research data
What doesn't work Image icon IMG_2768.JPG Insights
What works Image icon IMG_2767.JPG Insights
What works Image icon IMG_2767.JPG Insights
Challenges to recycling Image icon IMG_2769.JPG Insights
Recycling experience prototype Image icon IMG_2762.JPG Documentation of prototype
Automated and FUN sorter Image icon IMG_2763.JPG Documentation of prototype
Ready to make meals parts Image icon IMG_2761.JPG Documentation of prototype
Jammed at Denver Service Jam.

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