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Creative Connect

Platform connecting creative opportunities


The 'AirBNB' for creative people.
For both hobbyists and professionals, Creative Connect allows you to set up a profile or advertise your creative facilities or skills. Find out what you have access to in your local area and work on that new skill without having to invest in all the equipment.


2nd prototype - mock up of screens PDF icon MSGfromCraig.pdf Documentation of prototype
Service blueprint Image icon 20150301_134213.jpg Service blueprint
Storyboard for short video Image icon 20150301_134038.jpg Pitch presentation
1st Prototype - pg4 - details page Image icon 20150301_133939.jpg Documentation of prototype
1st Prototype - pg3 - profile page Image icon 20150301_133933.jpg Documentation of prototype
1st Prototype - pg2 - search results Image icon 20150301_133927.jpg Documentation of prototype
1st Prototype - pg1 - homepage Image icon 20150301_133924.jpg Documentation of prototype
1st Prototype overview of work Image icon 20150301_134138.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interview results with small business owner Image icon 20150228_182412.jpg Research data
Personas ready for storyboarding Image icon 20150228_160550.jpg Persona
research ideas Image icon 20150228_151204.jpg Research data
Mapping our customer journeys Image icon 20150228_151220.jpg Customer journey
Geographic personas and how they will connect Image icon 20150228_150930.jpg Documentation of prototype
our 3 main user types Image icon 20150228_160520.jpg Persona
role playing customer profiles Image icon 20150228_123913.jpg Documentation of prototype