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Tap into Creativity

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way for everyone to tap into their creativity more often?



We are the Rusty Monkeys, made up of Ben B., Farai, and Nate. Our project is centered around unlocking bottled up creativity and lost opportunities to be creative at work and throughout life.


Script Image icon intro_Time - Worry - Judgement.jpg, Image icon Script Part 1.jpg, Image icon Script Part2.jpg Other
User Experience for Chap Image icon 0_LP.jpg, Image icon 1_Sign Up.jpg, Image icon 2_Music Selection.jpg, Image icon 3_Music Player.jpg, Image icon 4_Challenge Options.jpg, Image icon 5_Challenge Notification.jpg, Image icon 6_Timer.jpg, Image icon 7_Well Done.jpg, Image icon 8_Reward.jpg, Image icon 9_Prizes.JPG Customer journey
Our logo and app homepage Image icon IMG_9279.JPG Documentation of prototype
Meet Max, Greg, and Jake, and learn how they use Chap to be creative every day. Movie icon Pitch presentation

Team members