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Oh Kale Yeah!

Wouldn't it be cool if we wasted less food?


Our service will take the waste out of household 
food purchasing and contribute to more sustainable lifestyles.


personas Image icon *IMG_3843webPersonas copy.jpg Customer journey
stephen with diagram Image icon *IMG_3841webTouchPointsJourney copy.jpg Customer journey
Vendor interview Image icon *IMG_3797ccwebOhKaleYeahLogo copy.jpg Research data
storyboard for Home Harvest video Image icon IMG_1830storyboardForHomeHarvestVideo.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
a video of the rollout of the home growing and composting system! named GROCKY! Movie icon Documentation of prototype
See the video of our practice run at . This was for the last mentor check-in before final production time! Image icon PracticeRunScreenShotHomeHarvestVideoPrototype.png Implementation plan or roadmap
from ethnographic research at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles Image icon 3OhKaleYeahEthnographyInsights.jpg Insights
Photos of Prototype/Process Image icon photo 1 (2).JPG, Image icon photo 1.JPG, Image icon photo 2 (2).JPG, Image icon photo 2.JPG, Image icon photo.JPG Documentation of prototype