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Your Personal Box

sport services, wash and clean, drying, keeping, fitness, problem solving


Our first idea when we discovered a theme was to develop backpack-transformer for people with sport activities and city life.
For example to carry rollerblades and laptop in one bag.

But after user field research we found the problem: gym clients does not want to carry their belongings from home to gym and back, especially when it is wet(towel after waterpool)

We introduce service for fitness centers, swimming pools and other sport complexes. This is an automated interface with ability to send sport wears to wash, dry or to store it. Now people can leave their sport wears at the sport complex and wash it and dry it.

Business objectives and profit:

- Initial cost of system $6000
- Price for client $2,5 single use.
- Return on investment 3 month
- Without automated system total cost coming down to $1500 and return on investment 25 days.
- In case of free use for premium users gym could increase loyalty and trust of the customers and sell more premium cards.


Prototype PDF icon Prototype (1).pdf Documentation of prototype