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Drive change. Change drivers


In a context where most drivers don't respect pedestrians or even the basic driving rules; citizens have come to a point where impotence it's turning into resignation. Therefore, we created Carma.

Carma it's a gamified crowd-voting platform where users can report bad and good driving behaviors from private and public drivers.
Just by introducing the car plate number, users can voice their opinion on 4 different topics: (1)Pedestrian (2)Driving (3)Parking (4)Environment.

With this information, users contribute to create social awareness on other drivers and themselves. The platform also provides a tool for citizens to get their voices together and push governmental institutions to take action.

Besides relieving people's frustration, we believe data gathered trough Carma could have many applications in public and private institutions such as Department of Transport, Insurance and Taxi Companies, Regulatory Institutions, among others. This way Carma community can achieve a real visible impact in people's life.


Carma Developing/Testing Budget PDF icon Carma Budget.pdf Budget
Prototyping Wireframes Image icon prototyping Wireframes.jpg Documentation of prototype
Storyboard Image icon storyboard.jpg Documentation of prototype
5 E's by Insitum Image icon customer journey.jpg Customer journey
Actors and Institution involved Image icon 20150228_213151.jpg Stakeholder map