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Jobify is a platform that consists of mentors and mentees.


High school students should join to this network system by using internet. They can be connected by pc, tablet and mobile telephones. The system will help the student to learn more about a job. Let's say a student wants to be a vet. The system provides an area to meet students of same interest and dream. The students who love animals and thinking vet as their future job may start talking about it online. They can get information from a mentor. Ask questions and learn more. It's much easier to decide for a job with a mentor. If they still want to be a vet they can continue to keep in touch. If not, they may choose another group and move on :)


leveling of users Image icon 20150301_143545.jpg Persona
1st Prototype Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg Documentation of prototype
Final Prototype Image icon DSC_0913.jpg, Image icon DSC_0874.JPG, Image icon DSC_0881.JPG, Image icon DSC_0887.JPG, Image icon DSC_0891.JPG, Image icon DSC_0898.JPG, Image icon DSC_0906.JPG Documentation of prototype