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How do you feeling? Good,Bad,Arty,Shoppy.. Dont know what to do? Wait for it..


Choose your mood then go on.
Moody offers you several different activities related to customers economic condition or emotions.

It allows you to experience different things and meet new people,make new friends.You don't have to worry about deciding what to do any more. You've got moody-ied!

How do you feel now?
What are you waiting for.. ?


Analysis Image icon IMG_8455.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_8456.JPG Research data
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_8456.JPG Research data
Ideation Image icon IMG_8454.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype Image icon IMG_8443.JPG, Image icon IMG_8445.JPG, Image icon IMG_8446.JPG, Image icon IMG_8448.JPG, Image icon IMG_8449.JPG, Image icon IMG_8450.JPG, Image icon IMG_8451.JPG, Image icon IMG_8452.JPG, Image icon IMG_8453.JPG Documentation of prototype
System Map Image icon IMG_8447.JPG Other
1st Prototype Image icon IMG_8425.JPG, Image icon IMG_8426.JPG, Image icon IMG_8427.JPG, Image icon IMG_8428.JPG, Image icon IMG_8429.JPG, Image icon IMG_8430.JPG, Image icon IMG_8431.JPG, Image icon IMG_8432.JPG, Image icon IMG_8433.JPG, Image icon IMG_8434.JPG Documentation of prototype