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Sexy Recycling

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Problem statement

We are tackling the problem of reuse and recycling being dull and unrewarding.
We will endeavour to make it fun, no effort, a habit, a desire.
For students
But the trouble is that recycling is not sexy on its own. You have to make a good product to make it attractive.

People's attitude to recycling in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the worst large cities in the UK for recycling. The city council makes it difficult for locals to recycle - it could even cost you money if you tried! So most Glaswegians just chuck all their waste in communal bins. It gets shredded anyway! The city however seemed to find a way to deal with its waste. Helpful bin lorry-men told us how general rubbish gets shredded in plants just outside of Glasgow, to then be separated by material and sent for destruction to the Netherlands or Sweden. These countries then burn or chemically treat shredded waste to release gases, which then power turbines, creating electricity.


We explored the idea of colour coding waste Image icon photo 3.JPG, Image icon photo 4.JPG Documentation of prototype
We went skip-diving and to observe how people relate to recycling Image icon photo 1.JPG, Image icon photo 2.JPG, Image icon photo 22.jpg Research data
Karthik interviews a helpful bin lorry man Audio icon Bin.mp3 Insights