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Toy 2 Swap

We are developing a service that could promote sustainable consumption for children


Sustainability is the essential actions that any responsible citizen should do in order to contribute to the development of the future. It is balancing individual needs with the sustainability of the planet to prevent material waste of toys and hyper consumption by children aged 6-12 years within society. The key is to reduce the demand for new toys by these children and get them to buy fewer new toys whilst also being able to have new toys that their friends or others have.


Prototype Image icon Mockupwebsite.jpg Documentation of prototype
Music from, Hyperfun Free Royalty music. Link to Video : Image icon Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 14.37.07.png Documentation of prototype
This is the final presentation pdf in addition to the video upload. PDF icon Toy2Swap_DesignJam_LBO_010315.pdf Pitch presentation
This customer journey describes the emotional state of the primary customer (the child) as well as the customer's role (the parent) as they experience the Toy 2 Swap service online (service platform) and offline (customer-to-customer swapping) Image icon toy2swap_customerjourney.jpg Customer journey
Story line for user experience and journey File User Story .docx Customer journey