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PIT - Parque Interactivo Tecnológico

Interactive Technology Park


This project is about implementing public spaces in parks for co-working through the use of instruments energizing and connectivity to work outdoors.
The park will have exercises machines that will power generators to support energy sustainability of the park.

We understood that the challenge was to transform. In the challenge declaration we start with a sheet of paper, and through succesive transformation we end with something that is way more than just a sheet of paper. So we took it as adding value through succesive transformations.

In our project we intend to transform the utilization of a public space, the park, to limit the opportunity of some young people who go there to drink alcohol and get wasted. By declaring and implementing a co-working space, there is now a limited oportunity to go there and do illicit activities.

We also intend to transform the identity of the skaters who are viewed as "trouble", and who by generating electricity for the use of the community and the people who use the co-work space can be perceived now as a benefit rather than a problem.

We transform the way people work by giving them the chance to work out at the same time, and also generate the energy that they are using.

We transform the perception of safety of the park by improving the illumination at night making it possible for runners to go there without fear.

We transform the kinetic energy generated by skaters, runners, cyclists in electricity for charging devices (computers, phones, tablets, ipods, etc) and powering the park's luminaries, and wifi


Real scale prototype File Service Jam Santiago.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Regular User Image icon IMG_0440.JPG Persona
Biker Image icon IMG_0443.JPG Persona
Skater Image icon IMG_0419.JPG Persona
Our Inspiration.... Image icon IMG_0401.JPG Other
Clustering needs and insight to establish our point of view Image icon IMG_0416.JPG Insights
plano interacción entre agentes involucrados PDF icon PIT.pdf Documentation of prototype
Exercise Zone at the park Image icon IMG_0439.JPG Research data
Skating zone at the park Image icon IMG_0885.JPG Research data
Bikeway in the park Image icon IMG_0447.JPG Research data
Ethnograpthy documentation Image icon IMG_2569.JPG Insights
Modeling users in prototype #1 Image icon IMG_2570.JPG Documentation of prototype
working on prototype #1 Image icon IMG_2550.JPG Documentation of prototype
Public thrash can Image icon IMG_2529.JPG Research data
Customer Journey map of people using the park Image icon IMG_2553.JPG Customer journey