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Ripples - Creating Change

Curating trusted tools for change


Ripples is experiences, shared with those people who need it most.

Experienced people share their story with skilled interviewers.

The transcripts are optimised for search, giving the user an opportunity to find an experience story which chimes with their own needs.

These stories are coupled with relevant information aimed at enhancing the stories with a list of tasks and sources for additional support.


Journey for our sexy over 60s Image icon 6f0uTVwxiiiAp5_x4LPA9MMbC5UA6XatsMdnX3BQcM4.jpg Customer journey
Anna - animated customer journey Movie icon, Package icon jam Other
Digital naive persona Image icon 0edTTiPJJOdvG4GBCkJQrwJO1Ylm9SnNPHlr2xduU0Q.jpg Persona
Example of how Ripples works offline to spark conversation. Image icon ZPkDSCuGweAv0UVuAW3L6E6C81Fi3KQIENe6kgewji8.jpg Customer journey
Persona - Ibrahim Image icon GSJ Leeds 060.jpg Persona
Persona - Anna Image icon GSJ Leeds 059.jpg Persona
How does it work? Image icon GSJ Leeds 057.jpg Documentation of prototype
Plasticine personas IRL :-) Image icon GSJ Leeds 054.jpg Documentation of prototype