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Fresh Faces

The Real Social Network


Key Problem - Social isolation refers to a complete or near-complete lack of contact with people and society. This does spin off from people who are lonely which can lead to serious mental health issues such as depression and even suicide. We wanted to address this issue.

Our audience can be anyone from young professionals newly in the city, people living in new communities where the normal social fabric is week (lack of shops, meeting places etc), people who just casually want a night out with different people, or social groups where loneliness may be an issue.

Our Solution - With Fresh Faces we wanted to help break down the barriers of meeting new people by creating a space which encouraged groups of people meet up together. Recreating the community feeling. We found people were using dating sites just to find friends but we wanted to create a service with no commitments and to help people spontaneously meet groups of people. No dating just casual meet ups.

Our solution is a service to facilitate these meetings. We have created a simple accessible app for those who are comfortable with using web based solutions, however we envisage other ways into the service for those who don't want use this.


Business Model Image icon IMG_3832.JPG Business model
Fresh Faces Poster Image icon Poster-01.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mr Begum, 80 Image icon IMG_3818.JPG Persona
Steve Jimso, 25 Image icon IMG_3817.JPG Persona
Joe Bloggs Image icon IMG_3816.JPG Persona
Sarah, 28 Image icon IMG_3815.JPG Persona
Fresh Faces Customer Journey Image icon IMG_3814.JPG Customer journey