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Fourgether Take-Away Box System

A sustainable take, drop and collect service for take away food


In companies without canteen employees often take food local restaurants or snack points to eat together in a common room of the company. This creates heaps of waste, burdening the community, the environment and the company having to pay for its removal.

Our service provides a circulation system for convenient and reusable take-away boxes. In short we hand out clean boxes to participating restaurants and snack points, who hand them out to employees of participating companies. Those boxes allow to conveniently carry the food for up to 4 people. This not only increases socialisation between colleagues. It also is more efficient for everyone involved. The used ones are then collected from the companies to be cleaned in a central facility. The cleaned boxes are again distributed to the snack bars and restaurants to close the system of circulation.

Snack bars and restaurants can add marketing messages like upcoming menues or offers, allowing them to further increase customer loyalty besides reducing the cost for throwaway packaging.
Employees benefit from a convenient, comfortable and hassle-free way to safely get food from point A to B and then share it together.
Companies reduce their cost of waste removal and benefit from deeper community involvement as they support the local gastronomy.


Images showing the prototype in use and its variants Image icon FourgetherBox-2.JPG, Image icon FourgetherBox-3.JPG, Image icon FourgetherBox-4.JPG, Image icon FourgetherBox-5.JPG, Image icon FourgetherBox-6.JPG, Image icon FourgetherBox-Ads.JPG, Image icon FourgetherBox-Variants.JPG, Image icon IMG_5624.JPG Documentation of prototype
The Box itself Image icon FourgetherBox-1.JPG Documentation of prototype
The team behind Fourgether Image icon Fourgether Team.jpg Other