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What if your experiences where defined by destiny?




Visuals of the final product PDF icon shake-it-design.pdf Other
Slides for our final pitch PDF icon presentation-shake-it.pdf Pitch presentation
Challenge 2 - CEO File Challenge 2 # shake it.mp4 Other
Challenge 1 - "Shake it" Movie icon Challenge 1 # Shake Other
How the business works Image icon Business Model ShakeIt.jpg Business model
Interviewees Image icon user research 1.JPG, Image icon user research 2.JPG, Image icon user research 3.JPG, Image icon user research 4.JPG, Image icon user research 5.JPG Research data
Service process Image icon 20150228_183920.jpg Service blueprint
Screen 5 Image icon 11042182_10153143016309936_1097046250_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Screen 4 Image icon 11026429_10153143016714936_948002372_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Screen 3 Image icon 11014794_10153143016609936_949466901_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Screen 2 Image icon 10968093_10153143015694936_444897857_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Screen 1 Image icon 10872294_10153143016829936_1009462386_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
group members Image icon 20150227_202128.jpg Other
Idea concept 1 Image icon Prototype 1.JPG Other