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Cook for you and earn with it


This service develops a way of joining together two people with two different interests.
The first one knows how to cook and is interested in doing it for others by a small economic amount or other benefits.
The second one just have a small working break for eat where is unable to cook.
By using our website is possible to put in contact this two people. You select a time for eating from the chefs timetable and then at the right time he'll cook for you. After it there is feedback service where you can give an score of your food so then everybody will know the chefs has done a good job. Monthly there is a chefs ranking with the bests ones of the web.

Don´t think about it
Just join us



Second protype - Web Image icon inicio cocinar.jpg, Image icon inicio comer.jpg, Image icon perfil cocinero.jpg, Image icon perfil comedor.jpg, Image icon planning cocinero.jpg, Image icon seleccion cocinero.jpg Documentation of prototype
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Our objective user Image icon IMG_2615.JPG Persona
Information for the prototype Image icon IMG_2611.JPG, Image icon IMG_2612.JPG Documentation of prototype
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First Prototype Image icon IMG_2614.JPG Documentation of prototype
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Our principal problems in users after the interviews Image icon IMG_2600.JPG, Image icon IMG_0267.JPG Research data
What our users, one with a necessity and another with an offer, should do in our service Image icon IMG_0262.JPG, Image icon IMG_0263.JPG, Image icon IMG_0264.JPG Customer journey